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GW Researchers

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is a resource and partner for the entire GW research community.  We help university researchers, students, and faculty members, with patent filing, copyright procedures, and other forms of intellectual property protection.  We also enable technology commercialization and secure partnerships with companies.  In this section of our website, you will find information and resources to help you work with our office.  If you have additional questions, please email us.

Benefits of Working with OTT

Technology commercialization is part of the new push towards research at the George Washington University.  Successful commercialization of technology provides for a wide range of benefits:

  • New, innovative, and life-saving products and services which benefit the public.
  • Commercialization income that provides critical research funding.
  • Potential financial rewards according to the university’s patent policy.
  • Increased economic activity and creation of jobs which benefit the economy.

According to the GW Patent and Scholarly Work Policy, innovators receive up to 50 percent of the royalty income.  In addition, the innovators' department(s) and college(s) receive 20 percent and 10 percent of the royalty income, respectively.  The department share of the royalty income is intended for use in the innovators' research.

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